Who is mr. pictures?

The M is for McCracken. The R is for Riedford.

MR. PICTURES is the brainchild of longtime collaborators David McCracken (writer/director) and Josh Riedford (producer/composer). It is the result of many years of filmmaking, fueled by passion for the craft and a desire to dream big and push boundaries. 

We are a fully independent film production company, always seeking new collaborators who think and work outside the box and who can  help bring our ideas to life.

Our mission

We are dedicated to a consistent and continual output of high-quality character-driven genre films on conservative budgets, striving for bold and unique ideas.

Our long-term goal is to release a new picture every 18 months on a variety of platforms, including festivals, VOD, and theatrical. We have already slated films for the next several years.

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