Riedford Headshot 1.jpg

JOSH RIEDFORD is a producer and composer who began his filmmaking career as a student at the University of Evansville with longtime collaborator David McCracken. He has since produced numerous projects, including several of McCracken’s USC short films, “I Am Become Death” and “We Need To Talk.”

His first feature was the horror/thriller Daylight, which Riedford independently produced. Daylight premiered at London’s FrightFest in 2013 and won Best US Feature in the American Online Film Awards in 2014. It went on to achieve successful widespread digital distribution on Amazon and iTunes, among other platforms.

Most recently, Riedford produced the 1970s thriller feature film Bullitt County alongside McCracken under their new company, Mr. Pictures. Completed in August 2017, Bullitt County is set for festival consideration and eventual distribution in the coming year.

As a producer, Riedford is drawn to character-driven genre stories and employs the attitude not of “Can we do this?” but “How can we do this?”